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Karl Sorensen
RE/MAX Realty Specialists Limited, St. John's
Call or Text:
(709) 687-5275
(709) 726-8300
(709) 754-4062

About Karl:
During my years of experience in real estate industries, I have learned a great deal about negotiating deals, juggling projects and providing excellent customer service. My clients can take advantage of the information and expertise that I have gained during my time working in the real estate industry to ensure that they receive the best service possible. Whether buying or selling a home, I feel that it is necessary to be in tune with the needs of my clients and guide them through the process from start to finish without encountering any foreseeable problems. As a member of the Newfoundland Real Estate Board I am in touch with a variety of professionals who work in every area of the real estate industry. Through these contacts and with every transaction that I am involved in I am continually learning about the real estate industry and how it is evolving in the marketplace. As a homeowner and as a person with a young family I can appreciate the concerns and problems that can arise when buying or selling a home. By providing my clients with the information needed to better understand the process we avoid any pitfalls that may arise, I ensure they are satisfied with every step. I understand the importance of finding the right home that meets your practical and financial needs. When looking for a professional who understands the value of providing excellent service, combined with a strong understanding of all aspects of the real estate market, look no further than Karl Sorensen.
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